Mustache Hair Transplants

Mustache hair transplants are a surgical procedure that can help restore or enhance the fullness of your mustache hair. The procedure involves harvesting hair follicles from the back of the head where hair tends to be genetically resistant to balding. These hair follicles are then implanted into your mustache area. The procedure begins with numbing the area where the hair will be harvested, typically the back and sides of the scalp. Small circular incisions are made to extract hair follicular units, which contain one to four hairs. Each follicular unit is kept intact so that it can be implanted successfully.

Next, tiny incisions are made in the mustache area. An implant needle is used to create a space in the dermis layer of skin where the hair follicles can be placed. The follicular units are then implanted one by one into these spaces. The number of grafts needed depends on the desired fullness and size of the mustache.

In the months following the procedure, the implanted hairs will begin to grow. Regular haircuts and trims will be needed to maintain the shape and style of your mustache. With proper care, hair transplant mustaches can last for many years, providing a natural-looking enhancement.