Beard Transplants

Beard transplants are a popular option for men looking to fill in patchy facial hair or achieve a thicker, fuller beard. The procedure involves surgically transplanting hair follicles from the back of the scalp to the face to add density and coverage.

The first step is typically a consultation with a doctor or surgeon who specializes in hair restoration. They will examine your beard area to determine the extent of the thinning and which areas need the most coverage. They will also discuss options for creating a natural-looking outcome that matches the size and color of your existing facial hair.

During the procedure, the surgeon will numb the donor area on the back of your head and extract follicular unit grafts containing 1 to 4 hairs. Then small slits are made in the beard area to implant the grafts one by one. The grafts are placed in a way to mimic the natural direction and pattern of existing facial hair. This can include areas like the mustache, chin, cheeks and connecting the sides to the center.

The grafts will start to grow new hairs within 3 to 6 months, and it takes around a year to see the final results. Regular trimming and styling of the new beard hair is required to achieve the desired shape and fullness.