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Female Hair Transplantation

Hair fall in men has been present since times old, but women are presented in folklore and in art as having beautiful flowing hair. Hair fall in their case is drastic and can lead to a lack of confidence and severe psychological distress. Thus it is very important for women to undergo hair transplantation if the hair fall becomes severe.

Usually, in women, the causes of hair fall are Traction Alopecia or Cicatricial or due to trauma and also genetics are altered thus causing hormonal imbalances. One needs to understand that the major cause of hair loss in women is due to Traction alopecia which means hair loss due to excessive pulling. Women in India generally tend to tie their hair in braids which exerts a lot of force on hair and thus causing hair loss. Traumatic hair loss is easily reversed, but hair fall due to inflammation can cause a lot of concern. Hair loss can't easily be done away with this a doctor's help is always good.

Usually, women are said to use Minoxidil 5% foam solution and it has shown to provide good results for them. And if the menstruation cycle is ongoing then it is suggested that they shouldn't take medications that can stop hormonal change because it has shown to cause some side effects.

Hair Transplant for women is easier and better because their donor area hair grades are relatively higher as compared to men and thus their grafts once inserted stay for a long time. FUT and FUE any of these procedures can be used but FUE of these procedures can be used but FUE has shown to be slightly more effective. Hair Free and Hair Grow is the best option available for women to get their hair regrowth as soon as possible.