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Beard Transplant

Our (AHI) team also perform a moustache and beard hair transplant, if desired by the patient. This procedure is performed on men who are experiencing hair loss on their beard and moustache, as well as those who cannot grow as much facial hair as desired. For all types of beard transplants, the method used is the DHI &FUE method. Just like the hair on top of the head, facial hair also plays a major role in a man's confidence. While many men are fine without it, others wish they had the chance to try new options, like a full beard, to alter or enhance their appearance.

Stages of the Moustache and Beard Transplant Procedure

Facial Hair Transplant Recovery

One week after the moustache or beard transplant, the transplanted area will look very natural. The donor area will heal in 15 days, after which you will have the same natural appearance that you had before the operation. You are well on your way to facial hair restoration, and any side effects are rare. Recovery time and instructions are the same as the normal DHI or FUE hair transplant procedures. Typically, you must avoid direct sun exposure on the area for 2 months. You should avoid shaving or trimming the area for one month, and avoid intense friction, water pressure, or hot water on the area for one month as well. You may gently wash and moisturize the face each day, as you would in a normal setting. The transplanted hairs will fall out within the first month (or in the weeks following). Then, after six months, patients see most of the final result. Depending on the number of follicles transplanted, it may be 12-18 months before everything is growing naturally and normally, as if it had always been there.